Software Development

Bespoke Software Development

Fruitful offers the complete range of software development options, making sure you get the solution that matches your requirements. From small to large projects Fruitful will help you get the most value from your technology.

Free Initial Consultation

We take an informal approach to getting started as we appreciate that sometimes clients are not sure exactly what they want. If you want to set up a meeting we will be very happy to talk through what you want and suggest some options.

Fixed Price

You can have a day rate for development, but many of our clients love our fixed price approach. This means that they know exactly what they will be getting and exactly how much it will cost. It means the price won’t go up mid-project unless new functionality is added.

Direct Access to Your Development Team

One of the most popular things with our clients is that we give them direct access to the developers. There are no layers of management to go through, just email or call.

All the Technology Options You Need

You won’t get a one-size-fits all approach to software development from Fruitful. Instead you will have the selection of the best technologies for each type of project. These include MS Excel, MS Access, ASP.NET, MS SQL, iOS and Android app native development tools. It means you will get the solution that fulfils your requirements.

Project Sizes & Complexity

Fruitful works with a range of organisations, from small companies through to large multinationals. The size of a project varies from one day’s work through to many months and the complexity ranges from simple stock control to highly complex pricing processes and calculations. We also frequently take over from others work.

Using Existing, Proven Code

Over years of working with companies on their internal systems (sometimes called line-of-business) our software developers have developed vast knowledge of how systems need to be developed and implemented. As a result we have built the SNAP Library ToolsTM which allows us to quickly build the core of your system and then add on the required bespoke parts. Its saves time, reduces required testing and helps deliver a reliable system.

Common Requests

Below are some of the most common categories of bespoke software development we are asked for;

• Bespoke CRM

• Bespoke Timekeeping

• Bespoke Quotations

If what you are looking for is not on the list, don't worry, we will have almost certainly done something similar before anyway.

Want to Know More about the Technologies We Use?

For information on the different technologies we use to deliver the best results for our clients, see the services page.

Contact Us Now for Your Free Initial Consultation

Contact us electronically using the contact page or give us a call on 0800 043 3099 to set up a free initial consultation and find out what great software development can do for you.