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Built to your requirements, tested to your satisfaction, installed and usually loaded with your current data, your Excel spreadsheet will be quick and easy-to-use with support and training as part of our service.

We have provided Excel Consultancy and Excel Development services for many years across the whole of the UK. We pride ourselves on taking a business-focussed rather than programming-focussed approach. Our Excel consultants and Excel developers are experts and will understand your business as well as how to develop your Excel spreadsheet.

When you start working with Fruitful you start a relationship that will support you and your business well into the future.

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What Are Your Options?

There are several we can offer you: designing and creating a new spreadsheet, fixing and supporting an existing one or replacing the spreadsheet with a database. If your existing spreadsheet uses Excel VBA our Excel developer can edit and add to the existing VBA code. We can also advise on what you should consider when looking at moving the spreadsheet into the cloud, for example using Google Docs or SharePoint. In addition to creating new spreadsheets, we frequently take over spreadsheets where the original developer has left the company, retired, gone out of business or has become “uncontactable”.

The Excel consultant will go through all the options with you and advise on the best one

How We Understand What You Want

The first step is to discuss exactly what you want to do, either face-to-face with the Excel consultant or remotely. We like to see your current system and way of working. Once you are comfortable with our understanding, the Excel consultant will propose the various technical options available, with the advantages and disadvantages of each.

The next step is to give you a quotation for each of the possible options. In this the Excel Consultant will describe how the system will work, screen by screen, as well as the overall process.

Alternative Technology

If you are not sure if Excel is the best option, we can offer several alternatives. We will give you the technical information and guidance you need to make the best decision for your organisation and budget. As well as having Excel developers we can also offer web systems developers.

You Get a Fixed Price with No Surprises

We will give you a fixed price, so you can be sure of what your investment will be before starting, with no surprises later on. This will also make it easy for you to calculate the return on investment, before the project starts.

We are always available to discuss the quotation further to make sure you are comfortable and understand the proposed work.

How to Build What You Asked For

Once you have signed off the work, the Excel expert will work closely with you. This includes creating a Statement of Works document that helps to iron out any smaller issues that are not covered in the quotation. The Excel expert will make direct contact with you to talk through the project and make sure they understand completely what your overall aims are, as well as the details of the screens and processes.

At all times the Excel export will keep you up to date with progress, and send through screens for your approval and discussion.

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How Will Your Company Start Using It?

When the project is delivered by the Excel developer, you will get training on how it works and be able to start testing it. As you do this and give us your feedback we will resolve any issues.

When you are happy with the system the Excel developer will move your existing data over to the new system.

How We Support You

Once you have signed off the project, you get one month’s free support. This is by phone and email and we use remote access software to allow us to sort out issues on your machines very quickly. After the initial month you can choose to have a support and maintenance contract, or just call on us when you need any changes made.

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How Long Will the Project Take?

The lead time between ordering a new spreadsheet and receiving it varies from project to project, but for the small projects it can be measured in days, and the longer ones in weeks. Naturally, our Excel experts will be working on other projects as well so yours will be scheduled in when you are ready to go-ahead.

What You Need to Do

It’s really important that you put aside the time for the new implementation. This means responding to the Excel developers requests for clarification and testing the system. We aim for the testing and implementation of the new system to take up as little of you and your staff’s time as possible. We’ll advise you on the best approach to split the work into manageable chunks, if necessary, and how to make sure the system goes live without any disruption to your business.

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Will It Integrate with My Other Systems?

Your new system will be able to interface with your existing systems; such as accounts or bespoke system, providing they allow it. There are usually several ways to connect to any system, and the Excel developer will give you all the available options, and their prices, so you can make your decision based on the return on investment.

Should I Move to the Cloud or a Database?

If you want to share the spreadsheet out so that more than one person can make changes at the same time, want more reporting, or to access the file when you are out of the office, there are spreadsheet, and non-spreadsheet, options available. Unfortunately, Excel VBA (the programming tool for Excel) and Excel cannot just be converted to work online.

We will advise you on the benefits and problems with each approach when we produce your quotation.

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How to Make Sure Your Staff Use the Spreadsheet

We believe the best way for this to happen is to provide a spreadsheet that is easy to use, intuitive and quick. This will save them time and make their days easier.

There are two ways to ensure that a system runs quickly – good design and the right technology. Your Excel consultant will use all the best practices to achieve the fastest speeds and where a different technology will deliver substantial benefits, the consultant will offer it as an option.

Microsoft Excel Experts

Our expert team of Excel consultants and developers have built up years of experience developing spreadsheets. Each Excel developer has achieved this through working for several diverse organisations before joining us. Each Excel expert has worked on many relevant projects, either as the consultant, developer or programmer using VBA (the programming language for Microsoft Excel).

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