Data Visualisation & Business Intelligence

Data Visualisation

Using the tools that are right for the job, from online charts to bespoke Excel spreadsheets, Fruitful will make data visualisation a process that delivers easy-to-use and understandable information.

Business Intelligence

By enabling you to get more from your data you can make informed decisions. Using deep data analysis and frequently looking at complex business requirements to see patterns or suggest and test ways of operating.

Data Discovery

Fruitful will help you discover what valuable information you have in your data. Whether it is found in a database, an application like Business Objects, Excel files or some other source, Fruitful can extract it and give you meaningful results. Furthermore, regular reports can also be automated to reduce the time you or your staff spend generating them.

Where from?

Any number of sources can be used; Business Objects, SAP, Navision, MS SQL, MySQL, Excel files, Word files and Access, etc.


The reports can use exports from these systems (such as Excel files or CSV’s), or extract from them directly from the source to speed up the process.


Fruitful will put information and analysis in front of you that would take days or weeks to build manually. Using a full range of tools, from enterprise database tools through to Excel you will have information you can interrogate easily.

Build meaningful reports

Our data analysts will work closely with you to build the reports you need. If you need to have them ‘bullet-proofed’ for your less computer literate users rest assured we do this for many clients.

Automating the Analysis

Once you are getting the analysis you want a system can be set up to run automatically with minimum manual intervention, even If you have many sources for the data, such as multiple spreadsheets (for example from different departments or locations).

Cleaning the data

Where there is repetition or invalid information in the data it can be removed using various data cleansing techniques to give you a more accurate view.

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