Mobile App Development

iOS & Android Mobile App Development

Do you want a development partner who will understand your business?

Are you looking for a developer who will get your app talking to your existing systems?

Are you looking for big leap forward for your business through your new app?

Fruitful builds mobile apps for iPads, iPhones and Android devices, and importantly builds other internal systems. Years of experience of other technologies and systems means you will have a team working for you that will deliver your app quickly. Understanding business operations and commercial pressures means that Fruitful can work closely with you to make sure you get the maximum benefit to your business.

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Understanding What You Want

To deliver a great mobile app we find out what you want for your business in general and then what you want for your app. If you are not sure what the app should or can do, we will give you some of our suggestions based on years of experience.

Discussing what you want and what is possible gets us to a point where we can propose an app that will work brilliantly and give you want you want in the shortest possible time. Together we go through your requirements and address what can and can’t be done.

We also make suggestions based on our experience with other clients. Because we take a business-focussed approach you get suggestions that are relevant and will improve the impact of the app on your business.

Fixed Price

Unlike many companies, we primarily work on a fixed-price basis. This means that you will have a locked-down price for developing a spreadsheet to an agreed specification. You can then plan your budget and be confident you will only have to pay for what you asked for.


We always strive to innovate - to us this means thinking of new and effective ideas that are based on your business needs.

It’s only by taking the time to understand our clients we can do this, but we also work with you to understand how you will measure its successes.

Handling the Technical Side

Which technologies to use? We handle all this for you, or work with your existing IT resources to make sure the right tools are used and the app is up and running as soon as possible.

Who deals with the app talking to your other systems? We will handle all this, making your project as stress free as possible.

Your app can connect to the cloud, it can use mapping, have photo management, data encryption, push-notifications or social network integration functionality.

It can also connect to other devices using Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and RFID.

We will discuss with you what you want to achieve and propose the best technology to make that happen.


Apps have to be intuitive and easy-to-use to engage your staff and external users. That means an interface that is understandable immediately and logical, commonly accepted, design concepts. This is one of the biggest factors in the success of an app, so we spend a great deal of time testing this and making sure it’s right.

Distributing Your App

Fruitful will manage the process of getting your app into the Apple App Store (iOS) and Gogle Play (Android), taking that hassle away from you.

If you plan on distributing your App only within your company or entreprise we can assist you getting setup with the correct licences and software that allows you distrubute your App on your devices directly.

Getting Started

We're always happy to talk through what you are looking for. Many clients were not sure what could be done when they first contacted us. After an initial chat on the phone we were able to give them a clear idea of what was possible and what the next steps would be.

A second stage is often a free consultation meeting. Here we will go through your requirements in more depth and then be able to give you a better idea of the price. This will give us a chance to see your existing systems (if any) and understand what you want.

This is done on a relaxed basis, trying to keep the amount of work you need to do to a minimum.

If you want to talk through what you are looking for, or set up a free meeting contact us on 0800 043 3099 or by email.

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