Database Analysis & Development

Get More from Your Data

Great databases make a massive difference to the success of an organisation. By reducing duplication and making sure everyone is using on the same data they reduce duplication and improve productivity. Using our extensive experience we will be able to provide you with a database solution that makes that difference.


Fruitful will design, build and deploy your database. It can include linking and importing from other sources and will be designed with as much future proofing as possible.


Fruitful has experienced expert database analyst / developers.

They have experience of working with very large datasets (tens of millions of rows) through to smaller databases in MS Access and will make sure you get the most from your database.

Database Optimisation

If you have large amounts of data Fruitful can analyse your database and look to improve its' speed using techniques such indexing, query analysis and third part tools.

This can bring response times down from minutes to seconds, massively improving the usability of your system.

Data Cleansing

If you need your data cleaned up, your database analyst / developer will develop either ad-hoc tools for one-off processing, or tools and scripts for repeatable cleaning. Some examples of data cleansing we have done are;

  • Highlighting and removing incomplete records
  • Removing duplicates
  • Verifying and suggesting UK postcodes and addresses
  • Correcting spellings
  • Changing the case of text
  • Removing unwanted text

Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) - Data From One System to Another

The database analyst will pull data out of the source systems, provide tools to check its quality and then develop one-off tools or re-usable code to upload in the other database.

Issues such as changes of field types, unusual text and data enrichment will be dealt with as part of this process.

MS SQL and MS Access

We use these Microsoft technologies as they are industry standards and cover databases sizes from very small to very large. We can link to other database technologies but we would not normally undertake any substantial changes to them.

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