About Fruitful

Our Passion, Your Success

We love delivering easy-to-use software solutions that save our clients' time.

It's great to see the benefits our clients get when they use our systems:

For some its about saving time, getting back those hours wasted on tasks that can be automated.

For many, its about having more control of their business or organisation; seeing what is happening, making the correct, informed decision when it's needed.

And for some, its the release they need to expand their business. They've been held back by their previous systems; increases in turnover have been more than matched by increases in admin tasks, preventing expansion.

Its great for us to see these results and it's what's been motivating us since 2001.

Our Philosophy

Fixed Prices

Your Business is Unique

No business or organisation is the same – your systems are part of the way you work and why you are better than your competitors. We don’t believe you should make your business work the way a software solution dictates – it should be the other way round, always.

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Getting the Design Right

The right design means your system will match your business needs and be easy to add to when you need it. We spend a great deal of time making sure this is right - this means talking to the client and understanding what their system needs to do, and might need to do in the future.

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More Than a Decades' Worth of Deliveries

With an average of 1.25 projects delivered every week across various sectors we have enormous amounts of experience that you will benefit from. Its means we will ask you the right questions about how you want your system to operate. We will make suggestions based on what we have seen that works elsewhere - so you will get what you want, and probably more.

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Projects range in size from a few hours' work at less than a thousand pounds to months of work equating to a quarter of million pounds worth. We are very happy to talk through your requirements informally - just give us a shout.

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Relationship, Confidentiality & Communication

Close Working Relationship

Software projects need frequent contact between the developer and the client in order to succeed. At Fruitful we are keen on our developers talking directly to you and building a relationship. It means we get more feedback so your system works the way you really want and gives you more control of your project.

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What Technologies Do We Use?

Our core technologies are MS SQL, ASP.NET MVC, MS Access and MS Excel.

Most of our systems are based on the designs and approach we have taken for our Quikflw system.

Your software won't have the code from the Quikflw system, but we'll use the lessons learnt and methods employed on that to create your bespoke system.

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